Patient Burnout is a Growing Problem. Provider Burnout is, too. Let Eyedog.US Solve Both.

by Megan Fisher, Monday, March 6, 2023

Avoiding patient burnout

In her February Times article, “Long Waits, Short Appointments, Huge Bills: U.S. Health Care Is Causing Patient Burnout,” Jamie Ducharme details several factors contributing to both patient and provider burnout. 

It’s no secret that our healthcare system has challenges, and they impact all of us as patients and professionals. Appointments are hard to schedule, short, and often leave patients with a less-than-stellar experience.

So many of the factors impacting the patient experience are out of everyone’s - providers’ and patients’ - control. But, that means there is an increasing need to implement solutions we know can improve the patient experience. Will it be perfect? Of course not - but every step towards a better patient experience matters.

Eyedog Digital Wayfinding is one such tool for health systems, designed in a way that promises to positively impact the patient experience, thereby improving the quality of care for patients. We invite you to explore our Case Study, which details the ways in which Eyedog.US has helped improve the patient experience at Vail Health Hospital. It could have the same positive effect on your patient base, too.