Summer is here: What Does That Mean for Hospitals?

by Megan Fisher, Tuesday, May 7, 2024

The summer months are just about here! And, with more activity, time outside, and adventure on the horizon, we see a spike in accidents and injuries that could land anyone in the hospital, unexpectedly. For patients who are at their own community hospital, or visiting one far from home, an unexpected visit to the hospital is overwhelming; then, add on the challenge of navigating a complicated healthcare campus in a moment of stress, anxiety, and pain - the experience feels impossible. 

But, don’t sweat: Eyedog.US can help with a quick and effective implementation of our Digital Wayfinding Solution! Take the guesswork out of navigating your campus for patients and visitors, and as a result, reduce their stress and anxiety associated with an impromptu hospital visit. Using familiar smartphone technology to provide intuitive directions, Eyedog.US solves many wayfinding challenges for patients, visitors, and staff alike - without stealing excessive time or attention from users.

Summer fun brings on accidents and mishaps - it’s inevitable! But, implementing an intuitive wayfinding solution can simplify navigation for your community. With Eyedog.US, you’ll improve clinical experiences for patients, visitors, and staff, keeping summer fun and carefree!

This summer is the right time: Learn more about Eyedog.US!