Self-Service Technology in Healthcare

by Megan Fisher, Thursday, December 9, 2021

All the way back in 2006, HealthcareIT News began talking about the value of self-service technology in healthcare. In 2021, that sentiment rings truer than ever. Today, self-service technology is about so much more than convenience and comfort: it offers increased safety and improved health outcomes in the age of our global pandemic. As the need for self-service technology continues to grow in the healthcare industry, so too does the variety of services available in a self-service model - digital wayfinding falls within that category.

How Digital Wayfinding Can Reduce Stress & Improve Patient Experience

Self-service digital wayfinding, like that offered by Eyedog.US, enables patients and visitors to access clear, easy-to-follow photo directions designed to reduce the stress and anxiety often felt when navigating a healthcare facility. When we use a self-service model, we can empower our patients and visitors to take control of their experience, giving them agency and peace in an otherwise stressful setting. 

Check out what Rick Ramseyer wrote about self-service technology for healthcare, back in 2006. We find that his piece has held up over the past 15 years - do you agree? 

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