Meet Eyedog.US!

by Megan Fisher, Thursday, January 27, 2022

Eyedog.US Digital Wayfinding as a Service

What exactly does Eyedog.US do? 

Our team passionately provides a well-understood solution to an important healthcare problem. Eyedog’s approach to wayfinding is smart and elegant but not technologically complex when compared to beacon or Wi-Fi based approaches for indoor navigation. We understand that wayfinding is all about patients and visitors, and we believe wholeheartedly and enthusiastically that our approach possesses the necessary empathetic element every patient deserves. 

How did we get to where we are today? 

With 20+ years experience, the Eyedog.US team is composed of experienced information technology experts striving to bring compassion and empathy into the patient experience. Our solution is about so much more than technology: we provide accessible, empathetic, scientifically researched tech solutions to the healthcare market, delivering a human-centered wayfinding experience that eases stress and anxiety for all users - no matter their familiarity with the technology or the healthcare facility. Combining technical expertise, passion for innovation, and unrivaled adoption services, Eyedog.US has grown to offer a well-rounded, comprehensive wayfinding technology designed to meet users exactly where they are, both physically and emotionally.