Five Benefits to Using Digital Wayfinding to Showcase Your Healthcare Design

by Megan Fisher, Thursday, February 10, 2022

Benefits of Digital Wayfinding in Hospitals

Changes to the physical environment in your Healthcare System are inevitable: updates are a necessary and exciting part of keeping your hospital new, fresh, and well-fit to serve your community. But, those design changes can come with challenges. Indoor Digital Wayfinding that uses photographs of the physical space (called Photo Landmark Navigation) is a powerful addition to the wayfinding toolbelt, whether or not your Healthcare System has new design features; photo directions work together with physical signage to provide clear and easy-to-follow directions to patients and visitors, no matter how familiar they are with the hospital’s design! Easy to use technology that shows off a hospital’s brand is a win-win!

1. Ease patient & visitor stress:

Photo Landmark Navigation allows patients & visitors to see photos of their path from home to appointment, before they even arrive! This means that your thoughtfully planned healthcare design choices will have a positive impact on patients and visitors. They can use those design features as visual cues to guide them along their way, easing the stress and anxiety that often comes with navigating a healthcare space.

2. New Renovation? Show it off!

New design choices, additions, and renovations (no matter the size!) are exciting, and you have an additional chance to show them off with Photo Landmark Navigation! Highlight your new renovations with well-positioned, high-resolution photos depicting the walking path for pedestrians inside your newly renovated facility. The images will look impressive, and will highlight the new and carefully chosen design features of your healthcare facility.

3. Promote a well-balanced refresh - Physical & Digital!

A refresh is always a positive, but can often be challenging for patients when it comes to navigating a space that looks different than what they know. Pairing Photo Landmark Navigation with your refreshed hospital design is a powerful way to demonstrate that your focus is improving the patient experience. You have the opportunity to show your community that your refresh is about so much more than just new design choices, but rather to make a clinical visit easier and less intimidating - because we know change is hard.

4. Stay ahead of confusing signage:

Physical signage is the cornerstone of indoor wayfinding; it is a necessary element that promises to help patients and visitors find their way. But, signage can become inaccurate as changes happen in your facility! It can be a tall task to ensure all physical signage is completely accurate at all times. Photo Landmark Navigation can fill that gap seamlessly. Even when signage isn’t quite right, Photo Landmark Navigation can guide patients in the right direction, by using photographs of landmarks to help situate patients and visitors along their paths.

5. Keep returning patients up to speed:

Patients who are familiar with your healthcare facility may be thrown off by updates in design. With Photo Landmark Navigation, returning patients & visitors can see and anticipate changes ahead of time, so they have fewer surprises while navigating their route. There is a sense of safety in knowing what to expect, and Photo Landmark Navigation can help provide that to your community. Your loyal patients and community members will feel the close connection built with the small touches that improve their experience, and they will likely want to share that safe community with those they love and care about.

Highlighting your Healthcare System’s image is our mission, showing off your decor is our goal, and highlighting your brand is our job. Let Eyedog.US Photo Landmark Navigation be the Indoor Digital Wayfinding Technology that takes your healthcare design to the next level. Learn more about us at & check out our Info Magazine!