Top 10 Benefits of using Digital Wayfinding with Eyedog.US

by Kay Via, Thursday, August 18, 2022

Digital Wayfinding Benefits

Have you ever had trouble finding your way around a hospital? Navigating a hospital can create confusion and challenges during an already stressful time. By offering an easy to use solution that meets patients where they are technologically, you ensure patients and visitors can easily find their way around to reach their destination safely. Digital Wayfinding by Eyedog has the power to improve the patient experience, operational efficiency, and patient safety. Learn more about the top 10 benefits to incorporating Eyedog’s digital wayfinding at your hospital:

1. Photos not maps:

Navigate by swiping or scrolling one photo at a time - what you see on your screen will match what you see before you.

2. Reduces stress & anxiety:

Remains simple and reliable, even in a hospital, where conditions are stressful and overwhelming.

3. Improve the Patient Experience:

Deploy a flawless digital patient journey from home to appointment.

4. Extend Patient Safety Measures:

Implement custom one-way paths to ensure safe social distancing, integrate with appointment reminders to alert users of Covid-19 protocols, reduce foot traffic on high-risk floors, provide contextual awareness of hand sanitizing stations and bathrooms

5. Mitigate the Cost of Confusion:

Save $500k for a 600-bed hospital with 500k outpatient visits. 

6. Scientifically proven technology:

Employs wayfinding best practices and offers a cognitively friendly approach - maps demand interpretation and higher cognitive load while Photo Landmark Navigation is human centered: designed specifically for pedestrian use.

7. Visualization not Interpretation:

People naturally use landmarks to understand their surroundings. Eyedog shows images that help users intuitively navigate their surroundings in a way that maps can’t.

8. Affordable & Scalable:

No beacons, hardware, or network infrastructure upgrades are required. There is also no need for constant internet connectivity.

9. Easy to maintain and extend:

Eyedog’s intelligent architecture makes updating pathways simple and immediate. Shutting down hallways or elevators, relocating points-of-interest, or accommodating building expansion is all part of our WaaS offering and can be carried out as quickly as your facility changes.

10. Omni-channel Availability:

Multiple deployment options, including native IOS/Android and responsive web options, allow you to offer wayfinding broadly to all patients and visitors, personalized in the context of the patient journey such as embedded appointment reminders.


Have you considered a fresh new Digital Wayfinding system for your health system? Contact us to learn more about our WaaS and schedule a free demo to see if Eyedog is the right fit for you!