Improved Digital Wayfinding: Implementation & Adoption Services Make the Difference

by Megan Fisher, Thursday, September 22, 2022

Wayfinding as a Service

Eyedog.US’s Wayfinding as a Service refers not only to the Digital Wayfinding Solution & Technology, but also to the ongoing and frequent engagements we facilitate with our clients. These engagements are designed to support implementation and adoption of the Eyedog technology within the healthcare community, so that a new and unfamiliar wayfinding system quickly becomes an intuitive, well-ingrained element of a positive patient experience.

Wayfinding as a Service includes:

  • Access with ease: We provide custom QR code signage to promote contactless, hands-free use that enables safe social distancing
  • Go-live in weeks: A streamlined implementation process makes it easy to begin. You give us your blueprints and we handle the rest!
  • Always up-to-date & accurate: Continued updates and support make Eyedog easy to maintain and extend. Eyedog’s intelligent architecture makes updating pathways simple and immediate. Shutting down hallways or elevators, relocating points-of-interest, or accommodating building expansion is all part of our WaaS offering and can be carried out as quickly as your facility changes
  • Simple to access: We help you incorporate access to wayfinding directions in all digital channels like website, email reminders, etc.
  • Community engagement: Eyedog helps to promote your new wayfinding system with staff - it’s a helpful tool for them too. Onboarding materials, staff communications, etc. are provided by Eyedog.
  • Social support: We have ideas to keep wayfinding in your communication plans, promote on social media and other visible channels so your fantastic differentiator is well known
  • Outreach: We’ll help you plan community events to socialize and publicize your new Wayfinding system within and beyond your staff!

Effective Digital Wayfinding is not a “set it and forget it” tech solution. We stick with our hospitals every step of the way, providing support that ensures successful, adaptive, and cost-effective wayfinding for the entire community. 


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