Healthcare Technology & The Patient Experience

by Megan Fisher, Thursday, October 13, 2022

Healthcare Technology & The Patient Experience

We’ve said it before, and it still rings true: the Patient Experience extends far beyond the patient’s time on the exam table. A patient’s experience with any healthcare system begins at home, before they even get in the car to drive to their appointment. And it continues well beyond their exit from the facility. Health systems can lean on empathetic technology to help them support their patients through their entire journey, giving patients and visitors a sense of control and agency in their clinical experience.

Healthcare technology and the patient experience

In Accenture’s 2021 “Digital Adoption in Healthcare: Reaction or Revolution?” Survey, we see opportunities to empower patients and positively impact their overall experience. 22% of patients surveyed felt frustrated by a lack of efficiency, while 44% said their negative experience contributed to stress and upset. It makes sense: when patients feel they lack control in their clinical experience, it is stressful, upsetting, overwhelming, and frustrating. Those patients are leaving dissatisfied: 34% even reported that they were unlikely to seek future care at all and another 34% reported they would change providers. Experience matters; it is impacting our health.

But, we can deploy technology that simultaneously improves operational efficiency and accuracy for healthcare systems, while also limiting stress, anxiety, and attention required to access that technology for patients. With a solution like Eyedog.US’s Photo Landmark Navigation, healthcare systems have the ability to improve the efficiency of their wayfinding system, without adding unnecessary stress for patients and visitors - an empathetic gesture that patients and visitors will appreciate. Learn more about what the Patient Journey could look like with Eyedog.US!


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