Eyedog Would Have Helped

by Megan Fisher, Friday, October 21, 2022

Digital Wayfinding for Hospitals

I am a mother of two - just 23 months apart. With two (just) under two, there was not a ton of time between the anatomy scan ultrasound I had with my first, and the one I had for my second. Thinking I was a seasoned pro, I made my appointment and marched into the entrance of the hospital I’d visited before. Right into the door I had used just 22 months prior, and right on time. 

I walked up to the desk and tried to check-in. “We don’t have you in our system. What are you here for?” When the gentleman saw my growing belly, he realized: “Oh you’re in the wrong place.” Okay, but I was at the right hospital. So how far could it be? 

Far. I had a one mile walk ahead of me, inside of the winding hallways, to get to the right place. They had added a new corridor and shuffled departments around. Maternal Fetal Medicine was now handling prenatal imaging, all of the way on the other side of the new corridor – connected by an indoor bridge over the Emergency Entrance. It must not have been uncommon to have expectant mothers arrive at the wrong imaging location; the gentleman immediately gave me directions where to go. “It’s probably a 15 minute walk.”

I started my rush to the correct spot. I was on time for the first location - but I had not budgeted for a one mile trek. I hustled, though, worried I may not make my appointment to see my baby for the first time. After 3 stops for additional directions, I made it. They took me back, and I was able to be seen. 

While I was grateful to have made it in time to keep my appointment, I was left with a less than stellar experience. An appointment that was supposed to be exciting, ended up being pretty stressful - before I even got to the exam table. Prepared as I thought I was, I still ended up in the wrong spot, and then late to my appointment. It’s so difficult to keep track of or anticipate those potential hang-ups - especially in large hospitals, serving large communities. 

With a digital wayfinding solution like Eyedog.US in place, these hang-ups just simply don’t happen. When I think of what my experience would have been like if the hospital used Eyedog, I’m reminded of the numerous points in my journey that Eyedog would have been a huge help. 

Had I accessed my route ahead of leaving for my appointment, I would have known to park closer to the correct location; no one mile walk required. Let’s say I didn’t think I needed the directions. When I arrived in the wrong spot, any staff member could have given me a link to or QR Code to access my directions. Or, along my path, QR Code signage could have reassured me that I was on the right path. 

With Eyedog, I would not have been lost. I would not have been late. I would not have been stressed, anxious, or worried. Eyedog.US’s Photo Landmark Navigation would have improved my clinical experience, without question.


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